Olive is Currently Totally Obsessed With…



Wow, I haven’t done one of these in a while! It’s amazing how much time just passes you by and you don’t even realize it!

We’re in month 20! This is what Olive has been obsessed with this month.

01: Coconut Water – We love coconut water. I think I started drinking it by the bucketful when I was pregnant. Not only is it a great way to rehydrate, but it kept those nasty pregnancy leg cramps at bay. (Remember, the ones you would wake you up in the middle of the night? Not fun!) I started giving Olive coconut water a little while ago when she was running a fever, and wouldn’t drink water nor Pedialyte. She loved this, however, and still regularly asks for her “coco-wawa”. We really love the brand Harmless Harvest (and they now sell in bulk at Costco!) In my opinion, it tastes the most like the real thing. It is cold pressed and raw, however, so make sure with your pediatrician that it’s okay to give to your little one!

02: Stacking Blocks – Olive has really been into blocks lately; stacking them, specifically. We have these Melissa & Doug Nesting blocks that she just loves to stack by size. Another great thing about this is that they end up stacking way taller than she is, and she has to get up on her little tippy toes to reach the top. Super cute.

03: Lamb Plush – When Olive was younger, I was a little concerned that she never formed an attachment to a lovey or a doll. When you read all the child rearing books, they really encourage you to try and give your child an item to form an attachment to, so it helps calm them down. We tried for close to a year, with no success. But suddenly at 19 months, Olive began to show a real love for a little lamb plush toy that she’s had forever. She takes it to bed with her, and to breakfast, and reaches for it when she’s scared or sad. I’m not sure what changed, but it’s really sweet to witness. UNTIL WE ACCIDENTALLY LOSE IT. Double edged sword, people.

04: Play Doh – I know that Olive is still a little young for the full Play Doh experience, but I recently got her some anyway and she has been really into it. We also got some cookie cutters to go with it and she’s been having a ball creating different shapes and animals. Let’s be honest, I’m really doing most of the “creating” here, but she is loving it so much that I don’t really mind. Her favorite things to make are an eel (how easy is that?), a star, and a butterfly.


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