In Defense of Crocs


Oh god, Crocs.

When i first saw them, I might have recoiled in horror. They are clunky, seriously fashion backward, and all around uninspiring. I remember exclaiming several times that if I ever wore them, to please shoot me, because someone must have taken over my body – that isn’t me! I WOULD NEVER WEAR CROCS.

Fast forward a few years, shall we?

My husband bought me a pair when I was pregnant with Olive. I remember starting to get swollen ankles, and he was just like, “Jody, stop being so vain, just wear the damn Crocs.” So I did. And people – they are comfortable. Yes, they are still ugly as sin, but these babies are comfortable. And now that Olive is a full blown toddler, I am finding that Crocs are the perfect summertime toddler shoe, as well. We spend so many hours of the day running around in the park, or playing with water, that these shoes allow her feet to breathe, and not stink. And I’m assuming that they are really comfortable for her too, because Crocs are her go-to shoe when she wants to go out. (I also think that mini-Crocs are just far cuter than adult Crocs…therefore canceling out a bit of the Ugly Factor)

So ladies – here I am, eating my words: Give Crocs a chance. At least, on your little ones. I still don’t wear mine out of the house, but Olive loves hers!

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