Weekend Crawfish Boil


How was your 4th of July weekend?

We had some friends and family over this weekend, and Patrick and I attempted our first ever crawfish boil at home! It’s something that I have been wanting to try for a while, but never really dared to do – it just seemed so daunting.


We ordered 33lbs (Yes, 33. It was nuts) of live crawfish, and had to sort them, clean them, and lastly, cook them. Sorting live crawfish is exactly as much fun as it sounds – it’s not. They are feisty, pinchy, and they don’t smell great, either. Cooking them was also a feat in itself – because we don’t have a gigantic pot to hold 33lbs of crawfish (plus corn, plus sausages), we had to cook them in 2 separate pots, in 2 separate batches.


But you know what is even more incredible? We finished it all. There were only 4 couples and 2 toddlers, and we finished 33lbs of crawfish, Mac & Cheese, fruit and an amazing croissant and butter pudding that my friend Melissa made. By the end of the night, it was all gone.

Olive was totally into eating crawfish too, which doesn’t really surprise me (the girl likes to eat mussels. What? I know.) But the thing she probably enjoyed the most was the company… she’s truly a full blown toddler now who laughs at jokes, plays with (and not just alongside) her friends, and is curious about everyone.

I hope you all had a great long weekend! Back to the grind!


6 thoughts on “Weekend Crawfish Boil

    1. Jody Post author

      It was actually really really good! And surprisingly easy to cook…I mean, once you clean, wash, sort, store, cool, bla bla bla all the crawfish….!

  1. Jen

    ok this looks amazing and we have been talking about doing this before summer is over. 33 lbs? did you feel like 3-4 lbs per person was enough? not a huge crawfish fan, but i am a shrimp and crab fan!

    1. Jody Post author

      I used to be more of a shrimp fan, but somehow the flavor of the crawfish won out in the end (although, so much more work to eat). I think 3-4lbs per person is plenty! Especially if you’re making other things to go with the meal. You should totally do it…just be ready to clean and sort. THIS WAS NOT FUN.

  2. thealiceline

    looks really fun! how did you know your lil olive wasn’t allergic to shellfish? our ped told us not to try til 3?!?!

    1. Jody Post author

      I tend to let her try most things – she had a slight peanut allergy when she was younger, so I’ve held off on that (specifically peanut butter). But as for shellfish, I had let her have a few bites of it a little while ago, so I knew she was in the clear! Also, there are no food allergies between my hubs and I! On letting your little one try new foods: if it’s a new thing, I usually let her try it early in the day to watch for reactions, so she’s not having a reaction at night when she’s sleeping.


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