Anyone who knows me really well can safely say that I’m a worrier. I have always been this way – ever since I was a little girl, I remember worrying about the smallest things: my grades in school, my health, or the existence of ghosts or UFOs. (Not Kidding…and no, I’ve never seen either of them.)

Since having Olive, this worrying has taken on a whole new meaning. These, to me, have become ‘life-and-death’ worries; and I obsess about them. When she was younger, I used to worry she wasn’t eating enough, or sleeping enough. But now that she’s older and getting exposed to school-age kids, she gets sick with a cough, or a fever…and that’s when full blown crazy worry comes along. This is when I start to Google everything to death. And that internet-WedMD spiral is a really scary place to be. Just today, my husband asked me why I always jump to the worst conclusions. I’m not sure, but I guess that’s what having too much information gets you.

Are any of you the same way? Do you have a better grasp of reality than I do, and what do you do to deal with your kid-related worries?

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