Central Coast Family Road Trip


We are taking a little family vacation this week to the Central Coast! I am so excited, it’s our first official family vacation alone (where we aren’t visiting relatives) and surprisingly, I’m not my usual ball of nerves when traveling with the kid – but it’s probably because we aren’t flying.  We are also celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary this week, so that makes this road trip extra special.

I’ve also gotten more comfortable with packing for Olive. Instead of taking one thousand changes of clothes, I’ve decided that maybe a third of that will do. (wait, is that still a lot?) Also, now that Olive eats what we eat, I don’t have to pack purees or pouches anymore, either. And since she knows how to drink out of a cup, we don’t need bottles or sippys! HOW FREEING IS THIS! We still always take our travel crib and stroller though – while it’s bulky, I’m proud of how much I’ve lightened up the packing load! (Watch, this is totally going to backfire during the trip)

On the agenda? We are determined to find some toddler friendly wineries/vineyards, a lot of pool time, and we are probably going to take Olive to the beach. Has anyone been to the Central Coast with their toddler? Any suggestions on things to do?

I’ll see everyone back here later this week! Have a great week!

For Mama: Dress | ShoesScarf

For My Little: Dress | Shoes | Hat

Other Needs: Oh Joy! For Target Picnic Mat | Doc McStuffins Plush Toy | Auntie Anne’s Snacks | Baby Bjorn Travel Crib


3 thoughts on “Central Coast Family Road Trip

  1. Jen

    We are huge fans of Paso Robles and took Ella along when she was 10 mos. In general they are pretty mellow about kids in tasting rooms (on the wineries themselves, not in the downtown Paso area) and many of them are on beautiful properties with expansive lawns and friendly winery doggies. Pack your own charcuterie, cheese and fruit and have yourself an amazing picnic girl!

    1. Jody Post author

      Thanks Jen! I am totally worried that we are going to be ‘those parents’ with the screaming toddler… But hey, whatever, have another glass of wine, people.

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