Palm Springs Roundup


So maybe you realized that I didn’t post on Monday like I usually do…it’s probably because I was completely wiped out from a bachelorette weekend in Palm Springs. Last night, instead of browsing the web,  I promptly switched off all my devices at 10pm and went straight to bed, and didn’t move until the morning.

My first time in Palm Springs was pretty awesome. It was 110F in the day, and 90F at night – and there was a lot of great food, great sun, and great company. There were a total of 8 ladies, and only one other person there had a baby. Was it nerve wracking getting into a bikini next to 6 girls in their 20s? Yes, but let me tell you, once I had a few drinks in me, I didn’t care anymore. I also probably give myself more grief about my post-baby body than I should (just like almost all the mamas I know).

This weekend was also a chance for me to reconnect with my childless friends – and talk about things not related to Olive. I am ashamed to admit that these friendships don’t get as much attention as they should because I’m so focused on my life-with-child. I need to make more of an effort to nurture these relationships regularly.

Oh, and if you were curious – when I got back from this trip, Olive wasn’t angry at me like she was the last time I went away, but she just held me for 20 minutes and cried non stop. Aww! I totally missed her too.

Hope you’re having a great day!


4 thoughts on “Palm Springs Roundup

  1. esther

    omg to the last part. I totally felt awful when Jayden was just stunned and silent around me the first time & only time I left her with daddy for the weekend. The weekend was so fun and really needed though…So glad you had a great time!

    1. Jody Post author

      I know, isn’t it crazy how they know we left, and hold a grudge? I’m glad you had fun on your weekend – it’s so difficult leaving the baby, but when you’re gone, you realize how much you needed that ‘me’ time! On the other hand though, you also realize just how much you miss the baby. Ahh, life of a mama.


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