Happy Fathers Day


Taking a break from my regular “Favorite Pins Friday” posts to wish by husband (and all you other male readers out there) a Happy Fathers Day!

If I just tell you how much I love and adore this man, it will be pretty boring. So instead, I’ve put together a (small) list of my favorite things he does with Olive that just makes my heart melt.

THREE | Every night before putting Olive to bed, he takes her to brush her teeth. Only he doesn’t call it that, he calls it “Chucka Time”. Because when you brush your teeth, it sounds like “chucka chucka chucka chucka…” It’s actually harder to say ‘Chucka Time’ than ‘Brush Teeth’…so Olive just doesn’t say anything.

TWO | Whenever Olive asks him to read her a bedtime story, he lovingly obliges. But because he doesn’t read upside down/rhymes/out loud very often….he read super slowly, and gets every other word wrong. But Olive still hangs onto his every word, and she loves it so much.

ONE | There are so many times I catch him looking at her with the biggest smile on his face, and he often turns to me and says “Crazy, huh, we made that” or “Look how smart she is” or “Look how cute she is”. He is so proud of her, and loves her to bits…and he can’t help but talk about it.

Happy Fathers Day, everyone!

PS: That photo above was taken on Olive’s 1st birthday. I made him purchase that polka-dot shirt so he would match Olive and I for that occasion. And he did. Thanks for letting us win that one, honey! Have an extra beer, on me!


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