Olive’s Currently Totally Obsessed With…


Wow, another month has gone by – where does the time go?

Here is what Olive was totally obsessed with this past month:

01: Melissa and Doug Stamp Set: At the end of every MyGym class, Olive gets her hand stamped by the teachers as a fun ‘thank-you-you-did-not-melt-down’ prize. I never really thought much of it, but I noticed that she would start to ask for her hand “sticker” each time. I bought this stamp set for her soon after, and have been teaching her how to use it on her art paper. I really like the fact that the ink is washable and faint…because let’s be honest, 98% of the ink ends up on her face.

02: Ahhh, cups. Or, as Olive says, ‘buck’. She wants to drink everything from her cup now; sans straw, sans mama helping her. Yes, this means that a lot of her drink goes down her shirt, but she’s getting the hang of it pretty quickly.

03: Munchkin Bath Letter and Numbers: These were given to us as a gift when Olive turned one, but I didn’t bring them out until recently. There are a lot of them, so I only give her about 5 or 6 at a time, but she loves sticking them to the side of the tub and calling everything the letter ‘A’. We’ll work on that later, I guess.

04: Pet Balloon: Okay, I have to admit that I probably bought this more for myself than for Olive, but she likes it just as much. This balloon is filled with regular air (so it doesn’t float away) and it has four ‘legs’ attached to it, and comes with a ribbon leash so Olive can walk it. She has such a great time with this thing! Unfortunately, it’s looking a little sad and deflated in our living room at the moment – it’s not a toy that’s going to last you more than a month.

05: Poke-A-Dot Book: This book is like never-ending bubble wrap. Olive actually first saw this book when we were over at a friends house during a playdate, and she couldn’t put it down. It is a number counting book (from 1-10), and you ‘pop’ each dot while you count out the numbers. That sound is so satisfying to both momma and baby. We read it every night.

I hope you guys had a great Memorial Day Weekend!


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