Favorite Pins This Week


It. Is. So. Hot.

It has been over 100F every single day for the past week, and i’m done! Can you imagine what summer is going to be like here? Olive and I have resorted to doing water activities almost daily in our backyard. She doesn’t seem to mind so much, but I am getting a really weird tan. My arms, face and shoulders are brown….and my belly is white like snow. Attractive right? Didn’t you just need to know that?

My favorite pins this week are all about getting away. Somewhere else. Preferably by the water….drinking light, eating light, dressing light.

Have a great weekend, you guys.

PS: The winner for our Freshly Picked giveaway has been chosen at random! Click back to the giveaway post and scroll down for the announcement! Congrats to the lucky winner, thanks to everyone else for playing! x

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