The End of the Wonder Weeks – Wonder Week 75


It seems like forever since I’ve done a Wonder Week post. Don’t think that I’ve forgotten about them; they really are alive (and punctual) in our household.

Just yesterday, Olive completed her last registered Wonder Week. With Olive, she usually has a last spurt of extra fussiness just before the end of ‘hell month’, but once that time is up, she really does morph back into the sweet, charming, pleasant natured baby she normally is.

This WW (World War, Wonder Week, same diff, right?) brought about many, many toddler tantrums. Remember when I told you about her first ever tantrum? Well, these were a daily occurrence during this time, and were set off by the smallest, tiniest things. Food in her water? TANTRUM. The banana isn’t peeling itself? TANTRUM. My favorite tantrum was when her grandparents came to visit us all the way from Texas, and they were looking at her and she didn’t like it. Massive 45 minute tantrum right there, folks. (Sorry, in-laws, she didn’t mean it!)

During this period Olive also started to have trouble with her night sleep – she started to have nightmares. Olive has always been a great night sleeper (thank you, sleep training!) but for the past week or so, she’s been crying a lot in the middle of the night. She never fully wakes up, and can still put herself back to sleep, but these dreams sound terrifying.

But with the end of every Wonder Week comes the rapid cognitive development that makes all the drama worth it. In this last month:

  • Olive’s speech has exploded. She has so many new words, and actually chats and sings.
  • She has learned how to count (only from 1 – 4, and from 6-10….I’m not sure why she chooses to ignore the middle bits).
  • Has started to show potty-training readiness signs, telling me when she needs to poop.

Dr Frans, who wrote the Wonder Weeks, says that while this is the last documented WW, they will continue to happen way into adulthood. I feel a little nervous that I won’t have this book/app anymore to guide me through the sh*tstorms that last for weeks on end. It’s always reassuring to read about what Olive is going through, since she can’t tell me. I guess it also makes me a little sad, because now she really isn’t a baby anymore, she’s a full blown toddler! It’s the end of an era!

I will always be so grateful for this book.

For those of you who are interested, my old Wonder Week posts can be found here.



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7 thoughts on “The End of the Wonder Weeks – Wonder Week 75

  1. taryn

    ummmm THANK YOU for posting this, Jody. Good God. We’re in the middle of our 5th leap over here…which means crawling and an interest in solid food is (hopefully) the light at the end of this dark dark tunnel. I’ve been crying (a lot) during this leap as my daughter becomes more independent and seems to not need me anymore. I can only imagine how i’ll feel when she finishes her final leap like Olive just did. Thank you for reminding me that there IS a reason why this madness occurs and that my sweet baby will (again…*hopefully*) come back to me at the end of it. 4 days and counting ::breathe in:: ::breathe out::. Thank you!

    1. Jody Post author

      I totally remember the Wonder Weeks being really intense for the entire duration when they were younger. As they get into toddlerhood it did get better for me (i mean, besides the tantrums; because those just blow.) Just keep focusing on that light at the end of the (long) tunnel!! x

  2. Huiyan Neo

    Hi Jody, stumped across your blog about baby olive and life. Love reading your articles about life with Olive, as well as the camera candid pictures! Olive will be very proud of her mama! Toddlers are fun but parenting can get very emotional most of the time~ Just remember that they are only this age for only a while, so staying happy is more important! Take care~

    1. Jody Post author

      Hi Huiyan!
      It really does go by fast, doesn’t it? How are you, I hope you’ve been well! Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Tirzah Lewis

    Oh bless you. It’s two a.m. my credit card is downstairs so I can’t purchase the WW app but I wanted more info… I have two under two and the first one you just described to a T. My sweet little Josephine is driving us insane, the night terrors, the random tantrums all of it! I’m not crazy! She’s 17 months to the day! I’m not alone and I’m not nuts oh thank God!

    1. Jody Post author

      Tirzah! THIS TOO WILL PASS! It’s crazy, I know, but it gets better! And their cognitive development after these frustrating times makes it all worth it! Sending you some positive vibes to get you through the “storm cloud”…..! Thanks for stopping by!


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