Mama Loves Sonnet James

I cannot tell you how ridiculously into these dresses I am.

Sonnet James was created by a fellow mom, Whitney. She believes that being a mama means that you can wear dresses. You can look pulled together. You can be super mom, and look good doing it too.


I waited a long time for these dresses…and coming from the apparel industry, I know how grueling (and thankless!) garment production can be. I placed my order in March, and got them in May. But holy cow, they were worth the wait.


I ordered two of their dresses, the Remi Dress, and the Mara dress, and I love them both. They have a round neckline (so when i bend over, I don’t flash the world), and are long enough that I can roll around and also pick my kid up. They fall over my new-mom curves, and amazingly, hide my new-mom rolls.

These dresses are totally chic.

And you know what? Most importantly, the dresses are totally comfortable.

Oh also, did I tell you that Olive already spilled BBQ sauce on them? But I got them out by throwing the dress into the wash. No big.

So here I’m going to say thanks: Thanks for my friend for giving me a heads up to buy these dresses. And thanks to Whitney, because seriously, these dresses make being a Cool Mom a little more achievable. And let’s be honest… We all need some help in that department.

Discover Sonnet James here.


Photo Credit: Ryan Hung of RLH Photo

PS: I bought these dresses, and these opinions are my own! <3



8 thoughts on “Mama Loves Sonnet James

    1. Jody Post author

      Thank you! I’m obsessed! I want more short sleeved ones (Since the heat wave we’ve been having here in SoCal…I can’t bear to wear anything with sleeves right now!)

  1. Tina

    Hello! I just stumbled upon your blog while searching for Sonnet James dresses. Love it!
    I have a question on the dress on the pictures, did it shrink when you washed it? I see the fabric content and I get scared they will shrink on me!

    Thanks much.

    1. Jody Post author

      Hi Tina! Great to meet you!

      They have not shrunk on me at all! And i’ve washed them many times!

      hope that helps!


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