Currently Totally Obsessed With…


Uh, did you realize that it is almost Mothers Day?

Yes, OUR DAY. Although, I’m not really sure what that means. Do you? Is it a day you celebrate that you’re a mom? Do you take a break from being a mom? What do you want to do for Mothers Day?


I came across these handmade Mothers Day cards the other day, by I Loot Paperie. I am kind of obsessed with them – they have just the right handmade feel, and have such cute graphics. I had to get a few for my own mama, as well as my mom friends. (I realize that they are going to see them here…hence ruining the surprise. SURPRISE GUYS, I LOVE YOU.)


I did a little snooping, and found out that they are going to be at Unique LA this weekend, too.  If you’re in town, you should totally go check it out,  I think I’m going to!

Hope you guys are doing more than alright today.



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