Happy (Belated) Easter!


Happy Belated Easter, you guys!

This past weekend, one of my friends, Melissa, hosted an awesome Easter Egg hunt for our kids. I have to say, I was skeptical at first. Olive wasn’t going to look for eggs, no way. She’s too young for that! We were also having a rough start to the morning – she woke up way earlier than usual, crying, because her canines are on their way out. So mommy was tired, Olive was tired… we were Grumpy Cat.

But Olive and I had a blast. I think she collected the most eggs out of all the kids (HAH! WE WIN! oh wait, not a competition….right.) and was so sad that the hunt was over. Melissa made the kids little felt craft boards, and hid felt cutouts in the eggs. Total awesome idea. Those craft boards came in handy when we took them out for brunch after; Olive was obsessed with hers for a good 15 minutes. That’s an eternity in ToddlerTime.


What did you do over Easter weekend? Any firsts for you or your kids?

PS: A funny DIY tutorial on toddler felt boards can be found here.

All photos by the lovely Sadaf Murad

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