How Moms Do Vegas


You might remember that a few weeks ago, I packed my bags and peaced out to Las Vegas for a mini girls getaway.

You might also remember that I was baffled about what I was going to do there, considering a) I don’t party anymore and b) I’m in bed at 10pm every night.

This trip ended up being awesome – I think one of the key things to making this trip really enjoyable was that I went with a fellow First Time Mom; so we both knew what was important….napping. Oh, also the spa. Also sleeping in. Super exciting, right?

Granted, we didn’t have to go all the way to Sin City to accomplish these things, but it was really awesome to go dancing and have a few drinks as well. It was liberating to be able to do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted, and not be governed by our babies sleep schedules. At one point, we had watched a Ne-Yo mini concert, gambled a little, gone dancing, spent all day at the spa, and lined up until 1am to eat oysters. It made for a pretty beautiful weekend.

Tips for Moms who go to Vegas:

1. Get there on Friday, and if you’re going to do any drinking or partying….do it that same night. Because you’re going to need a day or two to recover from those shenanigans….and nothing is worse than going home to your kid on Sunday still hungover and tired.

2. Find a spa, and spend a few hours there. Because you deserve to be pampered, and Vegas has probably the best spas in the country. Also, because going to the spa is really conducive to the next thing you have to do:

3. Nap. Just for fun, because you probably rarely get to.

The above image is the card that my travel buddy, Elaine of Papermade Design, sent to me after our Vegas trip together. In case you can’t read it, it says “Vegas needs to happen more often.” I couldn’t agree more. xx

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