Olive’s Currently Totally Obsessed With…


I know I usually write what I’m currently totally obsessed with, but I thought it’d be fun to recap what Olive is into each month.

Toddlers really develop so quickly, so sometimes they outgrow their toys and activities in a heartbeat, too. So here is what Olive is into at 16 months.

01: This push buggy is seriously so popular with kids this age. Everytime Olive sees her car, she can’t wait to get into it, and when other kids see us I swear they lose it because they want it too. (Sorry, other parents!) For kids like mine who HATE the stroller, this is one way to get them to sit for an extended period of time. Win win for mama and Olive.

02: Sidewalk chalk in 48 different colors? Yes please! Do you really need 48 colors? Probably not, but man, the colors are really pretty.

03: Olive has recently gotten into pretend play, and it’s been really fun for me to watch her “cook” and “feed” her toys. She really likes this food set, and particularly the bowl of cheerios and the mac and cheese.

04: Translated from the original book in Japanese, Everyone Poops is a a funny story that shows you different animals, and their different kinds of poop. I’m not sure Olive actually knows what I’m reading, but she likes saying the word “poop”. Classy!

05: This movie needs no introduction. Frozen was such a hit this past season that I’m sure all parents are pretty much sick of it by now. Olive has never really sat through the entire DVD, but she is obsessed with the soundtrack, particularly this song. She knows some of the lyrics! (on that note, have you seen this version of the song? I love it.)

Are your kids just nuts about a certain toy at the moment? I’m curious to know what it is.

Happy Wednesday!

One thought on “Olive’s Currently Totally Obsessed With…

  1. elaine

    this is so cool. I wish you can do diff ones with earlier age groups? Always looking for fun things for elodie.


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