How NOT to cut your Toddlers Hair


How was your weekend?

Well, mine was interesting. For some odd reason, I woke up on Saturday morning thinking that I was totally capable of cutting Olive’s hair, and giving her some attractive bangs.

I had been thinking about doing this for a while now, since her hair is always in her eyes. And I mean, how cute are bangs? (So cute.) But a baby haircut runs about $20, and she has, what, 20 strands of hair at best? So I was not going to go to get it professionally done. NO, I decided that I was capable of doing it myself.


Hey moms, if you’re even remotely considering doing this by yourself for the first time, let me just spare you – really, don’t. Between a squirmy toddler, you wielding sharp scissors by her face, and you having never done this before…… it never really does turn out as well as you expect.

I’m thinking it’ll take a month for this terrible mom-cut to grow out? After that, I’m going to willingly spend that $20 to get her a better haircut that she totally deserves.

Sorry, Olive.


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