Fear of Flying (With Baby)


You guys, I miss traveling.

It’s been about 16 months since Olive was born, and I’m now regretting that we didn’t travel more when she was an infant. You know, before she was mobile and before she ate solid food….when all she needed was a snuggle and a boob.

When you have an infant and are so new to motherhood, you never really believe them when other moms tell you that you have it easy.

“Do it now,” they warn, “because it becomes such a pain later!”

Obviously, like most things, I didn’t listen.

All I used to think was “HOW CAN THIS GET ANY MORE DIFFICULT?” I wish I had taken their advice, because now that Olive is running, has ‘real-people-poop’ and has opinions about everything…..I fear that I might have to wait until she turns 10 before I even dare take her on a flight anywhere.

My husband really wants us to go to Boston with him in a few months; he will be staying there for 2 weeks for work. However, Olive and I will have to fly back to LA alone after one weekend. I’m not sure how I’m going to do this without Olive or I going completely insane! (Or driving the other passengers crazy, either.) The last time we traveled together as a family, Olive tired both my husband and I out with her crying…and it was only a 3 hour flight to Dallas. How am I going to survive a cross country one alone?

Have you ever traveled alone with your (very vocal) toddler? Are you as hesitant as I am? Does anyone have any tips?

Happy Wednesday!

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4 thoughts on “Fear of Flying (With Baby)

  1. nicole @ i am a honeybee

    Check out the hither and thither blog. They have amazing travel trips for travel with kids.

    I’m flying with a 6 1/2 month old in a few weeks from Boston to FL SOLO so we’ll just see how that goes. I figure, what’s the worse thing that can happen? She can scream the whole flight… oh wait. crap.

    I am preparing for the flight by putting everything possible in the checked bag so I ‘only’ have to juggle her and 1 bag on the plane (pre baby I normally I had a purse and travel/overnight bag). I am going to wear some bracelets that entertain her as well as some toys. I think the biggest hurdle will be getting anything that falls as her new favorite thing is to throw stuff on the floor to make us pick it up. Even better is when the dog gets it before and we run after him for it- just hiliarous to her.

    and if you make it to Boston we can hang.

    1. Jody Post author

      Thanks for the link to the other blog! I’ll be sure to check it out!
      6 1/2 months won’t be so bad, I think! At least she’s not walking or crawling too much yet! Good luck with the travel – let me know how it goes!!!
      And, I LOVE Boston, absolutely love it!

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