From Two Naps to One



All the books say that somewhere between 13-15 months, your child will become a monster at naptime. One day, your child will just refuse to take either nap well. She will either just stay awake the entire nap, talk to herself, OR, if you have my child, SHOUT “MAMA” FROM HER CRIB UNTIL THE HOUR IS UP.


Anyway, these are the signs that it is about the time that your child is ready for only one nap a day.

Typically, Olive has always been a pretty good sleeper – she is able to soothe herself to sleep, she (knock on wood) doesn’t really wake up in the middle of the night, and her naps are pretty solid chunks of sleep. So when, like clockwork, she refused to take her naps…I knew it was time to go from two naps a day, to one. I totally didn’t want to give up her second nap though – selfishly, I needed that time to pass out for 30 minutes because by 3pm, lets be honest… I’m pretty freaking tired.

So. Dropping a nap. Sounds pretty simple right? WRONG. Because even though your child might not need (or want) two naps a day anymore, she will be totally confused (and upset) if you just suddenly switch to one. So, you have to go through the really drawn out process of pushing Nap One back, 30 minutes at a time, while simultaneously making Nap Two shorter.

This entire process took me about 2.5 to 3 weeks, and people, I am happy to report that we are finally on one solid mid-day nap.

We’ve been on this One Nap Schedule for about a week now, and I’m surprised how much I’m loving it. Our mornings have completely opened up, and now we can go out and actually do more things, versus having to run a single errand and scrambling back home so she can get back in bed.

I am interested to hear your experiences with nap transitions – did you do it the same way I did?

Happy Wednesday!



7 thoughts on “From Two Naps to One

  1. Starr

    Yaay! I was also hesitant to switch from two to one but found myself loving it, too! We switched late – at around 18m, right before O started daycare, where the toddler room is on one nap. We “test drove” the one nap a few times (due to birthday parties/other activities that fell around one of the nap times) prior to officially switching over and O seemed to so well with it. So, a week or two before she started daycare, we switched and started gradually increasing the time between wake-up and nap. First it was 7am wake up/10:30 nap (vs 9:15) and by the end of the 10 days or so, we were at 7am, nap at 12. She was definitely crabby towards the end of the day during the first week but once she was on the 12 – 2pm nap routine, all was right again

      1. Starr

        Same here, upstairs and prepping for bed by 7:15 at the latest, but usually more like 7. I’m kind of a but about keeping to her bedtime and making sure she gets enough sleep. I was convinced she wouldn’t nap at daycare, which really stressed me out, but she surprised us by doing it the first day!

      2. Jody

        Man, sleep really used to stress me out when olive was a little younger… I was such a stickler for getting her in bed on. The. Dot. I’ve loosened up just slightly now haha….. but I’m still not much better.

  2. Annie

    Jody!!! I’m going through all the crappiness ever trying to transition my 15 month old to a one nap. I was told by our sleep coach to transition him to a solid 3hour nap (and never less than 3hours). He transitioned pretty easily and then went through the WORST wonder week ever immediately after (64th week leap). Anyways now he wakes up every other day crying after having just slept for 2 hours. Sometimes he’ll go back to sleep, sometimes not. Coupled with all this he just learned to walk too. So he’s super tired. IM LOSING MY MIND. I know you worked with a sleep coach too, so just wondering if you put olive down for a 3 hour nap at my son’s age. He’s a great sleeper at night (12 solid hours). I just feel like the worst mom ever. Because I’ll let him sit in his crib whining or crying for the remainder of the nap because I have no idea if this is just another phase.

    P.s I discovered your blog after my son was born and I became obsessed. I loved all your sleep/wonder week updates on Olive. And I particularly relate to your obsessiveness with Olives schedule (haha! I mean this in the sweetest way).

    1. Jody Post author

      Annie!!! I saw this message and i just HAD to reply asap!
      So, personally, a 3 hour nap to me is SO LONG! I don’t know that that is possible, even for me!! Sleeping 2 hours, is amazing, good for him and you!!!! I never had Olive down for a 3 hour nap, I think at most we did 2 hours, and then just tucked her into bed earlier as she was getting used to the whole one nap a day thing.

      Because I felt like 3 hours was a little long for a nap, i discussed this a bit with Olive’s sleep coach (who has also now sleep trained my son) – and she says that you can get him up as soon as he wakes. 2 hours is a great nap! If you’re comfortable, just let him nap that 2 hours, and when he’s up, just go out and explore the world! You’ll probably both be happier for it ;)

      PS – you’re so sweet – I LOVE it when I meet people who understand why I like to live on a schedule! I’m 2 kids in now and I’m still obsessed with scheduling….although I have to say, I’m a little more relaxed about it now because, well, TWO KIDS. Just FYI – Olive is now 4.5 years old, and because we were so good with her sleep training and keeping her on schedule when she was a baby, she now still sleeps 12 hours a night, no complaints! She is a fantastic sleeper, and I am so grateful for it!

      1. Annie

        I look back at my first comment and can totally see how crazy I sounded now, but seriously THANK YOU! I’m totally going to just let him take his usual 2 hour nap and stop trying to make a 3 hour one happen (can you tell I’m a first time mom who’s spent a lot of money on a sleep consultant). I can’t wait to have a second baby, solely because I think it’ll take the edge off my sleep schedule rigidness. Lol!

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