Viva Las Vegas….?


You guys, I’m going to Las Vegas.

One of my fellow mommy friends and I are skipping town this coming weekend, leaving our kids with the husbands, and headed to Las Vegas. This is both awesome, and terrifying at the same time. Let’s explore why, shall we?


It’s Las Vegas! It’s a mini vacation, and with a fellow mom! There is no one else who will understand better why you want to sleep in, (and even if you try, may not be able to, that wretched body clock) sleep early, and spend all day in the spa.


It’s Las Vegas. The last time I was in Vegas I was childless, younger, skinnier, and had more energy. I was willing to go clubbing all night, have dinner at 11pm, and drink until the sun came up. But things are different now, I’m not sure I’m willing to do any of the above at all. So, what do you do in Vegas if you don’t do that stuff? Ohmygod, what do I wear? I just realized right now that I might not even own anything Vegas appropriate. Oh god, I’ll have to stand in line to eat at a restaurant.

HELP I don’t remember how to be a person sans child anymore.

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5 thoughts on “Viva Las Vegas….?

  1. vickiho

    I’m childless and the last time I went to Vegas I watched a bunch of shows and did not eat at any buffets cos I’m on a diet. Okay, it probably didn’t help that I was on a work trip and the prospect of partying with colleagues was much worse than falling asleep at Penn and Teller. You’ll have a great time! Try not to make Patrick and Olive FaceTime you 24/7.

    On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 12:49 PM, My Baby Olive Juice

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