Favorite Pins This Week

So I realized that all of my pins this week were all of LOBS.

LOBS. Long Bobs.

I’ve had long hair for the better part of 2 decades now, and honestly it was time for a change. My hair has always been a source of security for me, and sometimes I’d have nightmares about getting it chopped off! (Not kidding, really…) But I’ve really been stuck in a hair rut lately. I always wear my hair up now since I’m always running around with Olive – and I was just…tired of it. So I finally took the plunge and did it myself……I got a LOB today!


8 hours in and I’m loving it. That’s me and my new hair right there!

My hair feels light and fresh…I’m so glad I did it! Are you guys itching for a new spring ‘do? What’s holding you back?

Happy Friday!

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