Mommy & Baby Sleepover!


Inspired by this post on A Cup Of Jo, my friend Bea and her 3 year old daughter came over Friday night for a Mama/Daughter sleepover. Since the husband was away for work, this was the perfect time for an all-girls night in.

Honestly, I was worried. Olive hadn’t napped well all day, she was grumpy, we’re getting her canines in (she is always teething. Constantly). The stars were really aligning for it to be a mess. But….

It was perfect – we made Bucatini Bolognese for dinner (Bucatini is a thicker, hollow spaghetti noodle – so delicious and easier for little ones to eat), the kids took a bath together and we put them to bed. The mamas stayed up talking, watching TV and drinking wine. We were convinced that the girls wouldn’t sleep well since there was so much excitement before bed, but they were great! The next day, we all had breakfast together, had a crazy dance party in Olive’s room, and went to check out Kidspace Museum.

I would totally do this again… was a nice break from routine, and Olive and I both got to hang out with our friends all day long.

What did you guys do this weekend?

Happy Monday!

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