The Food Wars

I’m not sure when this battle began, but I dread mealtime with Olive.


I remember it used to be easy(ier); She would swallow all of her purees with glee, and she would try new things with such curiosity. Somewhere in the recent months, however, she’s started to hate eating everything. As long as she’s in that high chair, her mouth seals itself shut, and I can’t make her eat more than a few mouthfuls of whatever’s for dinner.

People, I’m at my wits end. I’m worried she’s starving. I’m worried she’s malnourished. I’m worried she’ll stop growing. I’ve read blog after blog, article after article about this – why this might be happening, and how to make it better. The suggestions so far have been these:

1. “She wants Independence! She doesn’t want mommy feeding her, she wants to do it herself!”

NO, this is not it. She doesn’t want to hold her spoon, or her fork. She doesn’t want to finger food it. She doesn’t want me feeding her either!

2. “She is teething”

UH HI. She has been teething non stop for about a year already, I think we’re over this hurdle now.

3. “She has food fatigue, she’s tired of eating the same things!”

I HAVE FOOD FATIGUE, and I’m giving her a variety of new things to try. So No.

Have any of you moms successfully handled a mealtime monster? Any tips, tricks, magical potions? Help!

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