Surviving the Wonder Weeks – WW64

By now I’m pretty sure that I know when my daughter is going through a Wonder Week. I’m not even really on the lookout for it anymore – but like clockwork, if she’s having a few bad days in a row, I end up checking the Wonder Weeks app and what do you know, she’s begun her ‘Stormy Phase’. And right on cue, right as that bullshit period is supposed to be over, she is once again happy, cheerful, and the most pleasant baby you’ve ever known.

It’s really kind of ridiculous how accurate this book has been for me.

Olive and I just got through Wonder Week 64. This one was really kind of nuts for us because not only was she getting her molars in, but she ended up getting her first cold ever. Between her 2 months of teething, 1 month of “Wonder Weeks”, 2 weeks of the cough, and 4 days with a fever of 103.5F…..Mama is just glad to have her smiling kid back.

Tough Patches during Wonder Week 64:

  • Olive started to resist her naps – either nap 1 or nap 2, entirely. I was even at the point of thinking that she was ready to transition from two naps down to one, but after waiting it out for a month or so, she is back to sleeping two solid naps a day. If you are going through the same nap drama and your little one is about 60-64 weeks old, I would suggest holding off on your decision to drop a nap until you’re past this Wonder Week. Your little one might be just like Olive, and go back to sleeping her two naps right after she’s done with this developmental leap.
  • Olive can’t decide if she wants to be independent, or always stuck by my side. Because she can’t decide, she also can’t decide when she’s happy. Basically, she’s mood swing central. Which makes appeasing her really difficult.

New Skills after Wonder Week 64:

  • Olive has finally learned how to walk independently. She is a late walker, and at 15 months she just started to walk by herself – but I feel like because she was going through this Wonder Week and struggling with that, she held off on actually going at it by herself until after the Wonder Week was over.
  • Olive’s language has EXPLODED with new words. Before this Wonder Week, she was saying maybe only 3 words. In the last few days, she has shown us that she knows much, much more. She is able to mimic words accurately, as well as tone and intonation.
  • The above means that I’m actually able to have conversations with Olive. She understands me, and in turn, she is able to tell me how she’s feeling, or what she wants. She tells me when she wants to eat, when she’s thirsty, which toys she wants, etc. Communication has become much easier, which makes her (and I) much happier/less frustrated.

I’m really glad this Wonder Week is over (really, when am I not?) This is our second last Wonder Week that is outlined in the book. I wonder what happens after the next one….? Does anyone know?


Olive and I, post Wonder Week 64. Seriously, she’s such a happy kid.

4 thoughts on “Surviving the Wonder Weeks – WW64

  1. Kim

    Your ww posts really give me some good laughs, thanks so much for sharing. I only caught this one and the previous one but I saw them just when I needed some encouragement :-)

    1. Support

      So glad it brought you some giggles! I had forgotten all about the Wonder Weeks until right about now – since I’m knee deep with Baby Number 2…..I know that those Wonder Weeks are coming right back soon!


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