The Mommy Bag

I used to be the woman with the Chloe bag. The bag that everyone knows, the one that everyone complemented you on.


But my Chloe bag wasn’t big enough to carry the diapers, the butt balm, the sippy cups, the toys, the snacks, the keys, the diaper wipes, more snacks, more toys, and my wallet. Can I HAVE more stuff? No, no I can’t. It’s actually impossible.

So now, I carry this crazy mix of a diaperbag/dufflebag/purse combination that is lackluster. And I have Cheerio dust EVERYWHERE. I don’t know why I have this Cheerio dust everywhere since I put her snacks in a ziplock bag, but I do. It’s in my phone. It’s in my purse. It’s all up in my wallet. It’s in my bra. GOD LIFE WITHOUT CHEERIOS WOULD BE AMAZING.

After about a year toting around this god-awful bag (and having zero bag pride – which for an ex-fashion person is really, really depressing), I finally found something that was large enough, cute enough, and hardy enough to be mommy proof and Olive-proof.

This West Elm x Baggu collaboration is my dream. I mean, stripes (me), gold dipped (me) and huge. It’s machine washable (GOODBYE, CHEERIO DUST) and made of a hardy woven fabric. The drop of the bag is also long enough that I can sling it over my shoulder comfortably while I wrangle my kid.

Did I mention how cute it is? I did already, didn’t I.


I’ve had it for about a day now and I’m in new-bag-relationship heaven. I feel like we’re going to have a long run with this bag.

Read more about their collaboration here.

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