You guys, you know how much I depend on the book The Wonder Weeks to get me through my life – well this is one fuss-pot-monster-whiny-cry-drooldrooldrool phase that no one can help me from.

We are going through two crap-ass things right now:


2. Dropping of the 2nd Nap

My usually happy child is just….you know, a huge B right now. I LOVE HER, but she’s being a huge B. And seriously though, who can blame her, those are some big teeth she’s pushing through. Olive also can’t decide if she wants to nap once or twice a day either…and it’s right on schedule as well. (Usually at 14/15-18 months babies drop their 2nd nap, and consolidate their day sleep into one bigger nap) So this produces an over-tired child who is constantly in pain. As you can imagine, Mommy is not loving her life right now.

Some observations to help you/others get through this teething hell:

1. Distractions: My kid is usually only super fussy when she’s at home, or not stimulated enough. I notice that when she’s out to play or at the park (particularly at the park with other kids) she’s much better, because she’s not fixated on the giant teeth trying to say hello in her mouth. 

2. Frozen Peas: My friend Melissa gave me some awesome advice that she used when her baby Austin was teething – give the babies some frozen whole peas to eat. Olive took a little while to start liking them, but now she thinks they are super fun to eat. The relief (for both of us) is temporary, but a)at least she’s getting her veggies and b) I GET 10 MINUTES SCREAM FREE YAY **Olive has been eating finger foods by herself since she was 8 months, so she’s really good at it. If your child isn’t just yet, maybe hold off on the peas…)

3. Tylenol: I really hate medicating my kid. Especially with something like Tylenol, which seems like such a “real” drug (as opposed to more homeopathic solutions). But I’ve realized that with molars, this really does offer Olive some relief. So go ahead, just help them(yourself) out. Maybe once a day, but I swear Olive is happier.

4. Wine, for me, after the baby has gone to bed. (I find that this one works best of all)



Olive, 13-something Months, at My Gym today.





4 thoughts on “THE 14 MONTH FUSS

  1. Isis

    You make it seem like raising a baby is like the hardest thing in the world!! Quit being lazy n spoiled ! I’m sure your Moma didnt have the luxurys you have!! Must be nice not to work or have a career !

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