Honestly, i don’t think I’ll ever get the hang of parenting.

Just when you think you have your baby figured out, they decide that they’re going to change. 

In the past few days, Olive has decided she:

1. Hates her bottle. She’s gone from drinking 22oz daily to maybe about 14-15oz.

2. Wants to eat from a spoon, but she wants me to feed her. BUT ONLY YOGURT. WTF.

3. LIkes Chicken. NO HATES CHICKEN. No likes chicken. NO HATES CHICKEN.

4. WILL NOT eat bananas. Or anything banana flavored. Not even banana yogurt. on a spoon, fed by mommy.

I realize that all these are food related, but I think her eating (or not eating) habits really stress me out. I always try to make sure she’s well fed, or not hungry….so much so that I’m probably overdoing it just a little bit.


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