Goodbye, Wonder Week Number 7…..

TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY OF OUR WONDER WEEK 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, this one…was a doozy.

(I feel like I say this after every wonder week, but seriously…this one was a doozy.)

I mean, for starters, this one lasted 6-7 damn weeks.


I have to say, while this one was the hardest on Olive (and me, really – this is about me….), she has picked up the most skills I’ve ever seen during a wonder week. I mean, it’s like she’s a completely different baby.

How this “week” killed me:

1. Olive’s nap schedule was gone: Olive takes two naps a day – and she usually sleeps at least 1hr 30 min for each of them. At the beginning of this wonder week, she would pop up after 30 minutes. 30 MINUTES. She would spend the rest of that naptime crying inconsolably. This went on for about 3 of the 7 weeks; she started to slowly lengthen her naps again, but they are no where as consistently long as they used to be.

2. She didn’t want to be put down. Or left alone. EVER: You know how sometimes you, as a human, have to pee? WELL YOU CANNOT DURING THESE FEW WEEKS, JODY, because your child will SCREAM every time you leave her in her playpen.

3. Unrelated – She is busting out 4 teeth simultaneously. Thank you, the timing is JUST PERFECT.


However, during these few weeks, I’ve seen Olive pick up new abilities rapidly. These are the new things she’s doing….and she’s doing them A LOT:

  • Point at things she wants, or places that she wants to go.
  • Will look at things I’m pointing at, even if they are far away.
  • Places objects into containers (as opposed to just throwing everything out of containers)
  • Plays pat-a-cake (claps her hands, song recognition)
  • Imitates gestures – like blowing a kiss, waving goodbye, playing games
  • She’s STANDING!
  • Babbles constantly, almost sounds like conversation (like Hello, or uh-oh)


My little Olive is 11 months old tomorrow…and as I approach her 1st birthday I am so aware that she’s growing up so quickly. She’s becoming her own little person, with a big personality – and I am in awe of her every single day.

This is a note to all those moms out there, suffering through this wonder week/hell month – hang in there, you can do it – the rewards with this wonder week are great!

Now where is that beer…………………………

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