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We finally got all of our images back from our family photoshoot that we did about a month back. The wonderfully talented Yuna Leonard of Yuna Leonard Photography spent a few hours with us in our home, and she snapped some photos of us…”just being us.”

YEAH RIGHT, this isn’t us just being us. I’m NEVER that well groomed (well, not lately, anyway – that’s another post in itself), Olive is usually has food stains everywhere, and my husband has a ‘fro going on. But, I have to say that we clean up pretty well when we have to. 


Before I leave you with a few of our pictures, I want to also leave you with a few tips to taking photos with an infant. Because……looking natural in pictures is difficult enough, without a kid in tow.

1. Schedule a day that isn’t in the middle of a heatwave.

Los Angeles was hit by a crazy heatwave for a period of about 2 weeks at the end of August. It was about 100 degrees every single day, and while we had initially planned to take our photos at Griffith Park, Yuna had the brains to call me that morning at 7am to say that probably wasn’t the greatest idea. We ended up settling for taking photos at home and at a nearby park. It was still crazy hot, but much more bearable. Babies also get irate when it’s too hot out, and I’m sure you want photos where the baby is happy………..right?

2. Have a friend/sitter on hand

It’s really difficult to get babies to do anything you tell them to do. Try getting a baby to look at the camera and smile………yeah, you’re going to have A LOT of pictures where you’re all looking in different directions. If you’re able, invite a friend over to distract baby with noises and silly faces while they stand behind the photographer. This way, your baby is at least looking in the right direction at the right time. Bonus: if your baby really likes the person, you get huge smiles and giggles. We had our nanny come in that day, and it was such a great help.

3. Schedule shoots in the morning, right after they wake, and are fed.

A well rested, well fed baby….is a happy baby. A happy baby = happy baby pictures. Babies also tend to generally be in a better mood in the beginning of the day, before they get overtired, so be sure to get them during that window.


I hope you enjoy our pictures! 








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  2. Sarah Miles

    obsessed with your family. love you guys and love this site, jody! i know when i become a mom i will be asking so many questions.


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