Wonder Week 7

Holy. Shit.

I know i’ve complained about wonder weeks before, but holy shit this one takes the cake.

Olive is just starting to get into this wonder week (which, by the way, isn’t a week, but lasts for 6 WHOLE WEEKS WTF) and it’s been a nightmare. She is only take 30 minute naps, and as of tonight, she WILL.NOT.GO.TO.BED. And it’s almost like she’s learned how to cry differently right now too, because her cries right now seem…….spiteful. And…dramatic. And………shrill. And…………….filled with such sorrow.

But you know what her cries are really saying?

“YOU, YOU OUT THERE. If you leave me in here alone you will PAY FOR IT TOMORROW I ASSURE YOU!”


All i want to do is sit on your bed and eat the remote, okay? IF YOU TRY ANYTHING ELSE, I WILL CRY.

Honestly, it really pisses me off that they call it the Wonder “Weeks”. Because they never truly last a week. They last for A MONTH, and i’m not kidding. If you look at the chart below, all those “grey areas” are when shit hits the fan. All the “white sunny areas” are when your baby is nice to you. So seriously……………..about 50% of the time, you’re just trying to placate your really, upset child.



See that chart? I’m at THE BEGINNING of week 42. This is going to last until WEEK 47.


I have to go get my child again.

She’s crying. Again.


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7 thoughts on “Wonder Week 7

  1. everydaywcharlie

    AHHH! I just read and responded to ur post re. how regular her sleeping was!!!! oh no!! :(((((((

    and i just realized. i need to really fix my multi-wordpress account/s. i’m getting confused which account is commenting and posting….

    good luck!!!

  2. Jomama

    I just googled this wonder week and found your page and I laughed at your post, half maniacally and sleep deprived and also because I COULD NOT AGREE MORE! Who the hell named it Wonder Weeks? Its like Wonder Month. And as for the Wonder, why not just name it Hell? Hell Month is much more fitting than “wonder week”.

  3. Barb

    Oh my God, my daughter just hit week 46 on Wednesday and the screaming at bedtime started that very night. It is not a normal scream. It is torture. So much so that my strong manly husband has been reduced to tears while holding her to calm her. I hate this leap.

  4. Fcs

    The name Wonder weeks is referring to i ‘wonder’ what’s happening this ‘week’.
    You mums really have your work cut out.


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