Fever! In the morning……..

An Ode to Olive’s First Fever.


Saturday Morning we woke to a great scare,

Olive had her first fever, to our great despair.

She threw up her bottle all over the floor,

Something she had never done before.

I panicked and gave the doctor a call,

Momma’s ‘patient care mode’ was now balls-to-the-wall.

Two days of Tylenol, pedialyte and snuggles pass,

I’m sure glad this fever didn’t last.

Olive is back to picture perfect health,

I don’t know what else will rhyme here but the word ‘wealth’


The End



Olive with a cool sticky patch on her head.

And to send us all off, here is some Eva Cassidy, and a great fitting song, ‘Fever’.



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