An Open Letter to Childless Folks: A Word on Compassion……

Dear Childless, Fellow Diner at Restaurant,

I want you to know that I did not intend for your meal, or my meal, to be this way.

When I left the house this afternoon, I fully hoped that my child would not have a meltdown. I truly wanted everyone to be on their best behavior.

I apologize that my child is screaming, crying, lying on the floor, walking around, and you know, generally, just being a child. I remember being just like you – staring at moms dining alone with their ill-behaved kids, and thinking that they mustn’t have read the correct parenting book, because their kids are complete brats. Not to mention so inconsiderate of other people and their dining experiences.

I’m not sure if it’s because you’ve never had kids, or that your kids are grown now and you’ve forgotten how difficult it is to wrangle a child in public. How almost impossible it is to feed someone else, and simultaneously feed yourself as well. It doesn’t help when you throw angry stares over my way, or roll your eyes and mention snide comments to your partner. I’m not asking for help here….I’m just asking for some understanding.

I promise to quickly finish up my meal and we will all be going our separate ways; you back to your child free lalapalooza and I to my mothering duties. But for this one hour that we’re in the same room together, if you would show some compassion, that would be fantastic.

Kind Regards,

Jody, First Time Mother.




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