Fun for Meeeeeeee!

So this weekend, I took a much needed GDO (Girls Day Out) with one of my friends. This, however, meant that Husband would have to take care of the baby.

He’s stayed home with the baby before, but he usually does so when Olive is already asleep in bed. Since she’s also sleep trained, it’s relatively easy to “take care of her” after the sun goes down. It consists of a lot of sitting. And also surfing the web. Pretty easy stuff.

This past Saturday, however, I would be gone for 6 straight hours in the day. So he would have to take care of 3 bottles, 2 solid food meals, and 1 nap. And she’s started to crawl. 

Because he seemed so…nervous, I wrote out her schedule on the board:


I’m not a control freak, I’m just organized….right?

I gotta say, while I had so much fun being out in the day, nothing made me happier than coming home to my family…..and seeing the relief on everyone’s faces that Mommy was home :)

I’m terrible. Heehee.

6 thoughts on “Fun for Meeeeeeee!

    1. Jody

      Yup more or less…..she thrives on it! The nap lengths are variable depending on her day…but yeah she goes down at the same time for naps everyday, and her bedtime only varies 30 mins! She does sleep 12-13 hours a night since dropping her 3rd nap! Sleep training really worked out for us! How is Jayden doing with sleep?

      1. everydaywcharlie

        we decided not to do sleep training when j learned how to go on her tummy. we would freak out whenever she looked like she was suffocating herself between the blankets. she never got the hang of sleep training – at least for the few weeks we tried it.

        we’re going to LA in october. we decided to move to her own room (finally) after coming back and doing sleep training then if her sleeping is still irregular.

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