Doctor, Doctor

Seriously, I don’t know what it is about going to the pediatrician that turns me into a blithering idiot.  

I ask her some seriously inane questions; questions that my usually-logical self could probably answer on my own. Here are some gems I/my husband came up with on our recent 9 month well visit.


Question: What is that arch on the back of her neck, is she hunchbacked?

Answer from Ped: It’s just a little bit of fat that’s making her seem that way, she’s doing great!


Q: Do we have to worry about Olive sucking her thumb…and it causing her to have crooked thumbs?

A: Well, usually people worry about crooked teeth because of the thumb sucking….but no, don’t worry about crooked thumbs.


Q: If she has crooked baby teeth, will she have crooked adult teeth?

A: No, just like if you have awesome baby teeth, you aren’t guaranteed to have awesome adult teeth!


My pediatrician seriously is the best – she always answers with patience, and kindness in her eyes. If i were her I would have left the room 25 questions ago.



One thought on “Doctor, Doctor

  1. ~ M ~

    lol. Crooked Thumb. You’re too cute. Baby Olive is PERFECT!
    But I do know what you mean! I once called the doc frantically at 2am (when OMG was 2weeks) because I found one of my dogs kissing her .. or making out with her heavily. Lol.


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