We be City Mice

Before I had a baby I was one of those judgmental bitches who came over to your home, and if your home had baby stuff all over it, I would be like “oh, when I have a baby, my home will NEVER look like this…it’ll still look adult and chic.”

I’m so sorry. I apologize forever. I was stupid.

My home is now overrun with baby crap. And I only have ONE KID. And she isn’t even walking yet. Granted, she is crawling everywhere, so I have to put up playpens and baby gates….. there are jumpers. And swings. And toys. And gates, and fences. Everything is a myriad of colors because babies just don’t seem to like taupe like I do.  My husband and I are walking over things, ducking under things, and I’ve probably hurt myself a few times in the process. When our childless friends come over, I’m sure they’re like, “wow, guys….what a mess….what a color explosion assault to the senses.”

I'm sorry, guests, we have no more room on the couch, but maybe you could rest on the swing.

I’m sorry, guests, we have no more room on the couch, but maybe you could rest on the swing.


This is my living room. It used to have a theme. Now the theme is just “BABY”

I by no means live in a tiny house. We do have some space, but it’s definitely starting to feel claustrophobic.  We have started looking for a bigger place, but everything larger in our neighborhood is literally millions of dollars. (ahh, Los Angeles, I hate you.) We’re starting to get really frustrated here, so a couple night ago Patrick brought up the subject of moving to the suburbs. Far-away-from-everyone-we-know suburbs. He said that not only is it super kid friendly, but we could get a much larger house for our money, and have guest rooms, and playrooms, and even a room for my shoes. (NOW YOU’RE JUST TEASING ME, HONEY) In an effort to seem unbiased and mature, I went house hunting in said suburb this past weekend….and let me tell you…the space. was. glorious. People in the suburbs have backyards with swing sets. They have pools. Did you know they made garages for more than 1 car at a time? I did not. Bedrooms could also hold more furniture than just a bed! Well shit….I’m sold!!!

But as we were driving away from this huge house and exploring the neighborhood, I couldn’t help but notice that every house looked the same. And every restaurant we passed was part of a huge chain.  I would truly miss all the tiny mom and pop sandwich shops Olive and I walk to for brunch. Where instead of clicking her into her carseat, I could walk to the park instead.

I don’t know, have any of you city moms out there made the decision to move into suburbs? Was coming to that decision difficult, or am I just holding on to my childless city-snob days? What do you miss the most about the city, but what do you love most about the suburbs? I’d love to hear from you, and maybe you can help me make a move………….(or not).

One thought on “We be City Mice

  1. Starr

    So funny that you bring this up. We’re having an identity crisis about this very topic. After living in a city for 10 years, we moved to the burbs (of a different city) a few years ago. The space IS glorious. But your point about there being no cool places around is so true. You can only hang out at the mall so many times. It just feels lonely out here, especially now that our best friends w/a baby moved away. Also, our place is decent sized but not THAT big. It seems like there’s never enough space. It all becomes relative. At one point, we lived in 400 square feet and felt like we had so much room (haha, city living). now i have a separate shoe closet all of my own and want one for my bags. see what I’m saying? i keep thinking these days – space doesn’t make your life richer, experiences do. Soooo, we’re considering flipping the script and moving back to a city. Idk, part of me thinks we’re crazy, and who knows if we’ll actually go through with it. But, dude, I am SO with you. Baby stuff (most of it) piles up until it looks like an episode of Hoarders at a clown’s house. I’m very picky about what baby stuff I get but you just can’t help the rainbow colors sometimes. Excuse my rambling. I’ll be curious to hear where you guys land!


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