Happy 8th Month!

Today my baby girl turns 8 months young.

Today was a change for both of us – I stopped breastfeeding today once and for all, and I have admit that I’m a little sad about it. I wasn’t doing it that much anyway, just a small morning feed, but I loved that time in the morning when I would bring her into bed with us and just cuddle. I will really miss that closeness with Olive. However, I won’t miss being bitten with her two vampire teeth. 

Now that i’m done breastfeeding though, I can finally get some (medicated) help with my migraines and post partum acne. (THANK GOD FINALLY). I’m also planning on getting my eating back on track, starting with a juice cleanse next week. It’s time to own my body again, and I’m super excited for that.

I have a feeling that after this month, Olive’s development will speed up – just today she was babbling a whole lot more, making different sounds and noises I’ve never heard before. She’s also getting so quick with her army crawling…I’m going to have to start seriously baby proofing. Time flies by so quickly….and while I know I’m impatient for her to hit her milestones (SAY MAMA ALREADY!), I also want to freeze time for just a little while more, because goshdarnit she is so damn cute right now.

Mama loves you, Olive.

Eating Peas and Chicken at the park.



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