Mom Dating.

I thought I was done dating after getting married.

Unfortunately I didn’t realize that making new mom friends is just like dating all over again. Only worse, because you don’t get the thrill of the first kiss at the end of a great date, or something like that.

You go to playdates and mommy group meetings in hopes of finding some other mom you’ll really click with  – share the same interests (other than baby rearing) and have the same sense of humor. If you’re really lucky, maybe even your husbands will get along. You’ll be able to be that amazing foursome, brunching somewhere fabulous, with the kids in tow.

Sorry, that’s probably not going to happen.

To be honest, it’s really hit or miss out there. You think it’s hard making friends as an adult? Try making friends now with no free time, strict nap schedules, and different parenting styles. Someone who won’t judge you for that afternoon beer because your kid JUST WASN’T HAVING IT that day.

It’s rough out there, lonely moms, I know, I hear ya.

Anyway. Here I am, still seeking:

Mom Friend For Baby and Adult Friendship

Mom between the ages of 28-38

Preferably a First Time Mom, so we can share obsessive stories and worries about our kids

Preferably with a baby who is under the age of 2

Awesome funny husband who gets along with my husband, a plus.

No Weirdos or Judgey-McJudgersons need apply

Hi Friend, are you THE ONE for us??? (Kidding. Not really)

Hi Friend, are you THE ONE for us??? (Kidding. Not really)

11 thoughts on “Mom Dating.

      1. Starr

        Aww, thanks so much. I just “document the facts” on my blog. I think YOU are a great writer and love your honesty and sense of humor :) Are you still on IG? The link to your feed didn’t work for me.

  1. julie

    i’ll be your mom friend! not sure if my husband is funny though. my LO is almost 7m, and i’m between 28-38 but will let you guess because idontrevealmyageanymore! btw, thanx for the tip on FTMG page re: naps when vacationing — very helpful. your blog is a good read. when i first got preggo, i totally didn’t wanna do the whole “mommy group” thing because making friends now is exhausting. however, now that LO is born, i feel the need for some comradery cuz husbands don’t always ‘get’ it.

    anyway, gotta go pump. hope to chat w/ you soon!

    1. Jody

      hi Julie!! Dude, i probably should stop revealing my age too, haha! Where are you guys going on a trip? I am actually thinking of planning something…….but man, vacationing with a baby isn’t a vacation at all for me! Yeah, mommy group things are tough because there are so many personalities……….so many people I wanna smack! (haha! JK! not really.) Chat soon!! xo

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