Traveling with Baby

This weekend we’re heading to Yosemite with a bunch of our friends. This is going to be interesting as the people in the group are so….varied. We have some “super-singles”, the gay couple, and 3 sets of new parents. We’ve all known each other for a while, mostly – but this is the first time we’ll all be together with our new kids in tow.

I was never an avid traveler, and now that we have our little Olive it has made me even more apprehensive to do so. Not only do you have to pack for yourself, but now you have to pack for this tiny being, and this tiny being NEEDS A LOT OF STUFF. You will be surprised how much she actually needs.

This is what I’m bringing for a 3 day, 2 night stay:

1. Diapers. THIRTY of them.

2. Food: Formula, Bottles and 6 packs of solid food

3. Outfit Changes: 3 PJs, at least 6 sets of clothes because she will spit up all over them. And hats, for the hike.


I bought Olive a bonnet the other day. Yes, for this trip to Yosemite. I realize Yosemite isn’t A Little House on the Prairie. My mother asked me why I’m trying to make my daughter look Amish. I think it’s rather cute!

4. Stroller and Car Seat, Baby Carrier: This already takes up 30% of our car’s trunk capacity. And we have an SUV.

5. All her Lotions n’ Potions: Her vitamins, her medicine, her shampoo, bath gel, diaper cream, body cream

6. A travel crib. She’s gotta have a place to sleep, yknow.

7. Toys: She’s in the (long) process of teething, so she’s especially in love with Sofie. I’m hoping this and her pacifier will keep her calm during our 5 hour drive.

And I haven’t even begun to think about my own stuff.

With all that said, I’m oddly still looking forward to this. Now that she’s slightly older, she can stay awake for longer periods of time. She also LOVES being outside, so I’m excited for her to experience new things. I just have to remember that it’s okay for her sleep schedule to go out the window for a few days (we are on a vacation, after all!); and that I have to approach this trip with patience and optimism. (Both things I’m terrible at)

Wish us luck, I’ll update when we get back!

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