Ridiculous Food Combinations

So Olive has been eating solids for about a month or so now.

It’s been going okay so far – getting her exposed to different textures and tastes has been the main goal here.  I make all the food from scratch, so it’s been more difficult to try new things because I really have to make a lot of it per batch. (I can rhyme!)  Recently we started combining foods so she gets a variety of nutrients in her diet too…and here are her top favorites. They sound pretty gross to me, but hey, she’s eating it, so I’m not complaining.

1. Sweet Potatoes + Anything = GOLD.

2. Pears and Peas

3. Apples and Spaghetti Squash

4. Apples and Carrots


I know she doesn't seem like she's enjoying it. But she is. Trust me.

I know she doesn’t seem like she’s enjoying it. But she is. Trust me.

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