On Discipline

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I’ve been thinking a lot about discipline lately –  this has been somewhat of a new issue that we haven’t really had to deal with before. Olive is now almost 2 years old and recently, she’s been testing her boundaries with us. She knows when she’s not supposed to do certain things, but will do them anyway (slo-o-o-o-wwlly, to see if we’re watching), to test if she can get away with it.

So far, we’ve just been using the “stoop-down-to-her-level-and-speak-sternly” method, which doesn’t always work. I’m thinking it’s time to step it up a notch…but I’m unsure about which methods to try out. Okay, lets be honest. I’m also really lazy and cannot bring myself to read a 200 page book on discipline.

As I progress farther into this Mothering thing I’m realizing that all the early stuff – the caretaking – was tedious and tiring, but it is much simpler than what I’m experiencing now – Active Parenting. It takes consistent engagement, thinking 12 steps ahead of my child, and putting into place systems and foundations for her to become a good human being.

Any input here, moms? How do you set boundaries with your toddler? How do you enforce them? And for moms with younger babies…just enjoy your bundles of snuggles now… you know, before they learn how to say no.

Hope you’re having a great day.


Vince Kids


Over the weekend I discovered something amazing.

Something magical.

Something that is going to make me super poor.

Vince recently launched a Kids line, and it is everything. Vince is one of my all time favorite brands, and if there was ever a line I would relish being matchy-matchy in with Olive…well, Vince would be high on that list.

I had the opportunity to see their collection in person today, and it took my breath away. Even husband was like, ok – I get it – I can see why you want to dress Olive in that. Olive, however, wasn’t too impressed, but honestly it’s because she’s 21 months old and she was more into her cracker than the fashion.

The clothes are all too big for Olive right now (it’s for kids aged 4-14) so right now I’m just browsing…..but hey, she’ll grow into them, right? Right?

A few of my favorite looks, above. Check out more of their Kids line here.


Favorite Pins This Week


I have been trying to update my photo wall in our home. My tastes have changed ever so slightly since we first moved in, and I really wanted to have the new layout reflect that. I bought these new, brass frames from Crate and Barrel and got rid of our old black ones. We put them up last week, and the room already feels….lighter.

Now all we need to do is decide which pictures we want to put in them.

Here is the problem, though – Olive is growing as such a rapid speed, that every time I put a picture up there, it ends up being so out of date, so soon. But maybe that’s what I’m doing wrong – I shouldn’t be trying to change pictures as soon as they’re old, but rather, I should be cherishing the memories and relishing Olive as a little baby, instead.

Have an amazing weekend ahead.

PS – Putting up frames in a grid sequence can be a real pain in the butt. Not only is it time consuming to put up, but every little house movement makes the pictures shift. This, people, is my secret weapon. You are welcome.

01 | 02 | 03 04


Preschool Readiness


Are you sending your little one to preschool soon?

I have been playing with that idea for a long time now, and like a true Tiger Mom, had Olive placed on a few waiting lists in the neighborhood a while back. Olive has always been extra apprehensive around strangers (young and old, alike) so I do really feel that some additional socialization will be great for her. And if I have to be honest – on days when she’s extremely fussy and throwing tantrums…I cannot wait until she starts school ASAP. However I was informed that we would have to wait for quite a while before we get accepted – spaces rarely open up, so we should expect to be notified after Olive turns two.

Last week, I unexpectedly received a phone call from one of the schools……a space was available, and if we wanted, Olive would be able to start as soon as September! So imagine my surprise (and Patrick’s) when I almost immediately turned them down. I spent all this time wondering if Olive was ready for school, but neglected to pay any attention to whether I was ready to let her go. As it turns out, I’m not. I’m not ready to let her out of my embrace just yet.

So, to moms who have been there – when did you send your little ones to their first day of school? How was it, and how did you know that they (or you!) were ready? And to the moms who have this coming up…. when are you thinking of sending your kids off?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Have a beautiful Monday.

Photo Credit: Sadaf Murad Photography


Tiny Warm Zara Things A/W 2014


Of course Zara would have the cutest, warmest, snuggliest Autumn/Winter 2014 collection for kids.

Of course it’s still 90 degrees here in LA, with no sign of fall weather around the corner, at all.

Am I going to buy these anyway, probably in the wrong size, because I don’t want them to sell out?

But of course.

One | Two | Three | Four | Five


Olive is Currently Totally Obsessed With…



Wow, I haven’t done one of these in a while! It’s amazing how much time just passes you by and you don’t even realize it!

We’re in month 20! This is what Olive has been obsessed with this month.

01: Coconut Water – We love coconut water. I think I started drinking it by the bucketful when I was pregnant. Not only is it a great way to rehydrate, but it kept those nasty pregnancy leg cramps at bay. (Remember, the ones you would wake you up in the middle of the night? Not fun!) I started giving Olive coconut water a little while ago when she was running a fever, and wouldn’t drink water nor Pedialyte. She loved this, however, and still regularly asks for her “coco-wawa”. We really love the brand Harmless Harvest (and they now sell in bulk at Costco!) In my opinion, it tastes the most like the real thing. It is cold pressed and raw, however, so make sure with your pediatrician that it’s okay to give to your little one!

02: Stacking Blocks – Olive has really been into blocks lately; stacking them, specifically. We have these Melissa & Doug Nesting blocks that she just loves to stack by size. Another great thing about this is that they end up stacking way taller than she is, and she has to get up on her little tippy toes to reach the top. Super cute.

03: Lamb Plush – When Olive was younger, I was a little concerned that she never formed an attachment to a lovey or a doll. When you read all the child rearing books, they really encourage you to try and give your child an item to form an attachment to, so it helps calm them down. We tried for close to a year, with no success. But suddenly at 19 months, Olive began to show a real love for a little lamb plush toy that she’s had forever. She takes it to bed with her, and to breakfast, and reaches for it when she’s scared or sad. I’m not sure what changed, but it’s really sweet to witness. UNTIL WE ACCIDENTALLY LOSE IT. Double edged sword, people.

04: Play Doh – I know that Olive is still a little young for the full Play Doh experience, but I recently got her some anyway and she has been really into it. We also got some cookie cutters to go with it and she’s been having a ball creating different shapes and animals. Let’s be honest, I’m really doing most of the “creating” here, but she is loving it so much that I don’t really mind. Her favorite things to make are an eel (how easy is that?), a star, and a butterfly.


A Beautiful Daughter – On Raising A Self Confident Child


Ever since I can remember, my mother has always told me that I am beautiful.

I never really believe her when she tells me this, though. I always think that she’s just biased. I’ve never really been completely happy with the way I look; I’ve always wanted bigger eyes, a smaller nose, clear skin – and now that I’ve had a child and my body has changed in ways I don’t even recognize…the list is now longer.

I have to be honest – when Olive was born, I was disappointed that she inherited my flat, button nose instead of my husbands higher, more refined one. Don’t get me wrong, I think Olive is absolutely perfect. And just like my mother thinks of me, I too think my daughter is beautiful. But because of the way I feel about my own nose…I’m worried that Olive will inherit the same insecurities, too. I don’t want her to think that she isn’t good enough, or pretty enough, or….not ‘anything’ enough.

I guess I want to know how to raise a daughter who is self confident and self accepting, when I don’t yet have to ability to do so myself?

I’m not sure I have this bit figured out yet.

But until I do, here are a few promises I want to make to myself – For Olive – to set us on the right path of raising her to have self confidence and self worth:

1. Be Positive: Sometimes I catch myself looking in the mirror, and making comments to my husband or my friends that I look fat. Or that I hate my hair…and more often than not, Olive is in the room. While she’s not actively listening to our conversation, one day she’s going to understand what I’m saying about myself, and mimic those same things. So, if I don’t have anything positive to say about myself, I’m not going to say them out loud. Perhaps not saying the words will take their power away as well, and I’ll be able to let those insecurities go.

2. Emphasize Intelligence, and not just Beauty: Often times, I tell Olive that I love what she’s wearing – “That’s so pretty!” comes out of my mouth often. When I see other kids too, it has unfortunately become my default greeting. I’m going to start veering away from that and emphasize praising her in other ways; like for her creativity, her intelligence, and her actions. Hopefully, Olive will start to recognize that these other parts of her personality are worth being proud of, too. Looks aren’t everything, and beauty is defined in more ways than outer beauty.

It’s not a lot, but it’s a start for now – to hopefully raise Olive to always feel that she is my beautiful daughter, both inside and out.

Photo Credit: Sadaf Murad Photo


The Art of Thank You


I’m a sucker for a great Thank You card.

Perhaps it’s because we live in an age where dropping someone a note to say thanks means we can text them (or facebook them)…but I really feel like receiving a hand written thank you note just says so much more. Yes, it takes more time and effort, but taking that extra step in showing your appreciation, or acknowledging kindness, is worth that extra five minutes.

Even the smaller, more trivial occasions sometimes warrant thank you notes, too! Like – were you invited over for a fabulous playdate? Or did someone host an incredible dinner party? Drop them a Thank You card. It doesn’t have to be lengthy – just heartfelt – and of course, pretty.

Here are a few gorgeous cards that I’ve found on the web: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05