Weekend Warrior

How was your weekend?

We were so busy, this weekend was completely packed with activities. Some of my favorite moments were….

On Saturday night, Beth of Beth Helmstetter Events invited us to her housewarming party – and of course, it was beautiful. No one knows how to throw a party quite like an event planner! She transformed her backyard into an intimate Mexican themed fiesta, complete with twinkle lights. She also had a vendor making street tacos, and another making churros…and to top it off, a tequila tasting bar and a DJ. Patrick and I rarely go out after Olive goes to sleep, so this was a really special way to spend a rare summer evening out.



On Sunday, we had a couple of our friends over for a small backyard BBQ. I’ve known Bea for almost a decade now, and we’ve seen each other through a lot – being single, being engaged, being married – being pregnant and also through the shock of being first time moms. I am so thankful that we’re still so close, and that our daughters are becoming fast friends, as well. We brought out the inflatable pool since it was boiling hot this weekend in LA – and the girls were beyond happy, and spent a good few hours playing with each other in the water while the adults chatted.


BBQI hope you’re having a great Monday so far!


Favorite Pins This Week


I have always loved the way a cat-eye looks on a woman. There is something so… snarky about it, but it’s sexy at the same time. I honestly don’t think there isn’t an occasion for a cat eye. Okay, the gym. Maybe not the gym.

Happy Friday!

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It’s Just One of Them Days…



There are some days when your patience with a toddler just runs thin.

I am never sure if those days happen because Olive is just being extra fussy, or if I’m just less resilient. Whatever the case, those days really get me down – I hate feeling like I’m not the cheerful, patient mom that I can be.

What’s worse, sometimes I yell. Sometimes, I straight up run out of steam and I raise my voice at Olive, and of course, she winds up in tears, and I wind up feeling like crap.

I came across the above saying, and I wanted to share it with you guys. I hope it serves as a reminder for me to be more patient, and to find other ways of pushing through the frustration.

I hope you’re having a lovely day.

PS: Extra points to my peeps who got the 90s Monica reference of the post title.



In Defense of Crocs


Oh god, Crocs.

When i first saw them, I might have recoiled in horror. They are clunky, seriously fashion backward, and all around uninspiring. I remember exclaiming several times that if I ever wore them, to please shoot me, because someone must have taken over my body – that isn’t me! I WOULD NEVER WEAR CROCS.

Fast forward a few years, shall we?

My husband bought me a pair when I was pregnant with Olive. I remember starting to get swollen ankles, and he was just like, “Jody, stop being so vain, just wear the damn Crocs.” So I did. And people - they are comfortable. Yes, they are still ugly as sin, but these babies are comfortable. And now that Olive is a full blown toddler, I am finding that Crocs are the perfect summertime toddler shoe, as well. We spend so many hours of the day running around in the park, or playing with water, that these shoes allow her feet to breathe, and not stink. And I’m assuming that they are really comfortable for her too, because Crocs are her go-to shoe when she wants to go out. (I also think that mini-Crocs are just far cuter than adult Crocs…therefore canceling out a bit of the Ugly Factor)

So ladies – here I am, eating my words: Give Crocs a chance. At least, on your little ones. I still don’t wear mine out of the house, but Olive loves hers!

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Favorite Pins This Week


I’ve been spending more and more time in front of the computer lately – and I’ve been craving my own, creative workspace; somewhere comfortable, yet pretty, to help inspire me. Lets be honest though, my current workspace wouldn’t be so bad if I just put in a little more effort to keep it neat………

Happy Friday!

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Life With a Toddler

My best friend sent this to me a few days ago – and I absolutely love this little cartoon. It’s just so accurate, isn’t it? It really is like this, every single day.

tumblr_n724cyopWp1qmoni4o1_1280 tumblr_n724cyopWp1qmoni4o2_1280tumblr_n724cyopWp1qmoni4o3_1280  tumblr_n724cyopWp1qmoni4o4_1280 tumblr_n724cyopWp1qmoni4o5_1280

The original article can be found here.

I hope you’re having a great day!


Central Coast Road Trip Roundup


We had such a great time on our family road trip to the Central Coast!

A couple of weeks ago, Patrick and I decided to take a little road trip during the week to celebrate our anniversary; and we wanted to of course take Olive along with us. Since I’m not a fan of flying with a toddler, we decided to take a short road trip instead – and how fitting, we returned to the resort where we got married, the Bacara Resort and Spa in Santa Barbara, California.


I loved this resort from the moment we stepped foot in it when we were location scouting for our wedding, but at that point, we hadn’t paid any attention at all to whether it was child friendly. Thankfully, the Bacara has two extremely kid oriented pools (where we spent many hours, and Patrick got hopelessly sunburnt, tsk) and even a nearby sandpit for the little ones to play in. The grounds are lush, green and sprawling – plenty of room for kids to run around. In the restaurants, high chairs are readily available, and coloring books and crayons are even given out before each meal. In fact, almost every vacationing party we saw during our stay had kids with them.


During the day, we spent our time visiting wineries and playing by the water. We really enjoyed the Bridlewood and Rusack wineries – both had large outdoor spaces for Olive to roam around in and explore. That’s about as “child friendly” as wineries get though, because besides the occasional cheese plate, you’re not going to find any food, snacks or entertainment for your little.




We also took Olive to see the ocean for the first time, and she was mesmerized. The entire trip, she kept chanting “ocean! ocean!” because she wanted to see it again.

The one thing that threw us for a loop was Olive’s sleep. When we travel, she usually falls asleep in her portable crib, and usually has few problems doing it, too. We were expecting the same this time around. But of course, she’s now older, and wiser – so she wouldn’t have it in her crib. So we co-slept with Olive, for the first time ever. We took her into our bed and it took her 45 minutes of us laying there to fall asleep. I have to be honest – sleeping with our child in our bed is really, really sweet. Being able to kiss her little face while she lay next to us was a dream. I also learned that toddler sleep is really deep. Almost nothing wakes them up! However, no one really got a good nights sleep….Olive, as we found out, is a sleep thrasher. Fun times. Of course, I was worried that this would ruin all of our sleep training, but she was (mostly) back to her old routine once we got back home.

All in all, it was a really great trip – a lot of great memories were made. I can’t wait until we can find the time to take another family trip again! Maybe next time, I’ll be a little more daring and get on a plane to go somewhere farther.

Until then, here are a few Toddler Road Trip tips I learned this time – for you:



On Being Kind


This “Mommy Wars” thing is a real. This term was first coined to describe the “us versus them” attitude of Stay at Home Moms and Career Moms; but really, it has become so much more. I feel like nowadays, everyone has an opinion about how you’re raising your child, and how you can do it better. And now that we’re all online, posting on Mom Forums/Mom Groups can sometimes get like this:

Yeah, I’m not kidding.

I found that clip yesterday while I was watching an old rerun of 30 Rock (I love you, Liz Lemon) and it just made me laugh out loud. And also, cry a little on the inside. Come on you guys, why are we all so judgmental about each other?

But more than me wanting us to be kinder to each other, I want everyone to take a moment to remember to be kind to ourselves, as well. If you’re anything like me, I often beat myself up about my own parenting – things that I do anyway, even though ‘the experts’ say I shouldn’t do them. For example, this past weekend, I had a lot of things to take care of in preparation for some guests we were hosting. I didn’t plan my time properly, so I let Olive watch a little more TV than usual while I scampered around the house. I felt so guilty that we didn’t take her out to play for that one day. I was upset that I wasn’t better organized, and that the TV was turning Olive’s brain to mush. It’s almost like that one additional hour of TV had erased every other good thing I had done for her in the past week. Or year.

Why do we give ourselves so much grief?

So, ladies – let’s all try to be kind. Be kind to the mom who doesn’t share your same opinions on sleep training, or vaccinations. But also remember to be kind to yourself – and remind yourself that you’re a good mom, and you’re just trying to make it through the damn day.