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Sometimes, we work so we can have the means to pursue our dreams – bur a lot of that time, it gets really hard to balance a day job, familial responsibilities, and have enough energy or drive to follow your passion.

Just a little reminder this Monday morning to keep on, keeping on.

It’s worth it – Don’t Quit Your Day Dream.

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Making Our House A Home

In the past few months, we’ve been going back and forth about our house and if we should move into a bigger one with more space, to accommodate our growing needs. With my business growing and my clutter taking over the house and Olive being a full blown grown kid, we all agreed that we could use a little more…breathing room.

But because I’m so adverse to change, I really, really didn’t want to move – which left us with one option – to remodel! I want to make our house a home – a place that will be able to grow with us. Somewhere that Olive can be safe, but something that is also aesthetically pleasing to the adult eye. A meeting of family life and style.

We’ve been working with the talented Melissa Hon Tsai on this huge undertaking and we’re smack in the middle of the design process. I’ve been trawling Pinterest like a crazy person trying to put together inspiration for this rare chance to re-design our home.

Dining-Area-Inspiration Bathroom-Inspiration Kitchen-InspirationOutdoor-Living-Inspiration

I always thought that I would gravitate towards bright colors in the home, but instead, I’ve found myself attracted to light neutrals with brass fixtures, instead. I’m super into natural textures like wood and marble, too. What a surprise!

I’m so excited about this process, but am extremely daunted by it too. I don’t know the first thing about hardware…or landscaping…or renovations…. so I’m worried that we’ll be hemorrhaging money. But on the other hand, my brain is so ready to learn from this process – 2015 is going to be a crazy year!

Have you guys gone through a major remodel on your home? Are there any tips you can give me about this process? How would you design a child friendly home that ensures that it isn’t overrun with kid stuff? I’d love to hear any and all advice!



Currently Totally Obsessed With…

Last weekend, we sat down to watch this animated film together as a family – and while I usually am not the kind to emotionally connect with a cartoon, this one really took my breath away.

It was stunningly animated with watercolor washes and great color, and it follows the story of a young boy as he learns how to be a better older brother to his unique (and magical!) younger sister. The music in the film was also so well chosen and beautiful – I’m kind of totally obsessed.

Have you guys seen it? What did you think? And will you watch it after seeing the trailer above?

I hope you’re having a great day, you guys.




Little Playful Patterns



When I first moved to California, I was totally color adverse – my wardrobe consisted only of neutrals. Honestly, I probably looked like a really boring, too serious teenager. Fast forward a decade and a half and I now crave color – it lifts my mood and I honestly think it makes my face look a little brighter, too.

Check out these loud, playful patterns just for your little one – it’s springtime, after all!

One | Two | Three | Four | Five



Introducing My Baby Olive Juice SHOP



So today, I launch My Baby Olive Juice Shop.

See that new link in the Menu Bar up there? (Look up, guys) It’s right there!

It’s not a huge shop by any means, instead, it’s a small curated collection of things I’ve been working on for the past few months that I’ve personally grown to love. And I wanted to share these little things with you, too.

Jody Che "Good Morning" mug shoot Jody Che "Good Morning" mug shoot

Besides the Good Morning Mug, i’ve put up a few hand painted pieces that I hope you’ll love, too. I am also expecting a few new things to hit the shop over the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned to check them out. I’m particularly excited about some motivational calligraphy tattoos are currently in production as we speak!

To celebrate the launch of the shop, I’m offering 10% off your purchase until Midnight on Friday, March 20th. Just enter NICETOMEETYOU10 at checkout, and you’ve got it!

You guys, thanks for supporting this blog, this shop, and my hobbies. And to other women (especially mamas) out there, who have a little nagging itch at the back of their minds saying “hey, you, go pursue this a little farther…let’s see where it’ll take you!” Do it. Because just like you’re here rooting for me, I’m rooting for you, too.



Photo Credit: Mishina Photo

The Top 3 Essential Toddler Tools

Top-Three-Toddler-ToolsIf I was going to be really honest, I probably should have titled this post “Things my Husband Thought Would Be A Complete Waste Of Money But I Proved Him Wrong”. HA HAH! I was RIGHT! Just Kidding, this isn’t the point of the post.

These are my All Time Favorite toddler tools, you guys. These things have made my life way, way better and slightly easier…. and we all know that parents can use all the help that they can get.

The Little Partners Learning Tower is something that I got Olive when she was about a year and a half, and we’ve had it now for a long time. It’s a heavy duty kitchen “step stool” which puts her at counter height so she can check out what I’m doing. She honestly relishes “helping” me in the kitchen (it’s not really help, it’s actually making things slower – but you know, as long as she’s learning and happy, amirite?) and being able to observe everything keeps her attention for ages. And since it’s adjustable in height it’s been able to grow along with her. It’s a rather large piece of equipment and it’s not too cheap, but this thing is well made, and has been used every single day since it’s purchase.

When Olive hit about 26 months, she hit this insane sleep regression where she just refused to go to bed. She was exhausted, but her stubborn little spirit just refused to close her eyes, and she would spend HOURS crying in bed, for me to hang out with her. Apparently, this sleep regression is very common around this age, and I just had to be firm and “ride it out” – but no sleep for Olive meant less sleep for me, which made me a horrible person. My friend Natalie recommended this Toddler Clock which we would place in Olive’s room and set to “red” at bedtime, and let her know that we were going to see her only when the light turns green (for go!) in the morning. It worked like a charm. Within a night she was back to her regular sleeping habits, and in the morning we don’t get complaining or crying, we just get a “good morning mama! It’s green! It’s time to PLAAAYYYY!”

If you guys remember, this past cold season was really hard for us – Olive got sick 4 times back to back with a stomach flu and 3 colds. It was awful. After the third time at Urgent Care, one of her Aunties decided to get her some echinacea drops to put in her milk to boost her immune system – and maybe it’s luck, or maybe this stuff works – but she’s been healthy ever since. No Jinx.

Do you have any toddler can’t-live-withouts that I’m totally missing out on? Please share, I’d love to know!




Time, Moving Forward & Letting Go



Just last week, we were notified that a space has finally become available in a school that Olive has been waitlisted on for more than a year.

This is the 2nd time this has happened, by the way – the first time I turned them down immediately, because I still felt she was a little too young. But Olive is now almost 2 and a half – she’s social, and craves that connection with people her age. She’s totally school ready now…what a difference 6 months makes.

In private, I’ve often expressed that I’m totally ready for her to go to school: my hobby-turned-business has been getting busier, and to be honest, there are some days when I think Olive thinks I’m just flat out boring, I’m just not entertaining enough anymore. So you know, I’ve totally said that I’m prepared for this next step. But as I was perusing the STACKS AND STACKS of documents that the preschool sent me (welcome documents, school policies, procedures, packed lunch rules omg wtf) I just broke down crying. Why am I so worried?

Being a Stay At Home Mom and caring for Olive full time has really been the core of my identity for the past 2 years. While I had such a hard time adjusting to it in the beginning, it’s currently what I know. I am Olive’s mom, best friend, and protector 24/7. I worry that she’ll be scared that I’ve left her alone, I worry that she’ll get bullied or hurt. I worry, and I worry a lot.

But i also recognize that there is so much that Olive can learn by being apart from me, so much she needs to learn from her peers. And on a selfish note, I am ready to finally do me. I’ve put my own needs and aspirations on hold for a little while to make sure she had a great start….I’m ready to get back to nourishing myself, too.

So to the parents out there who have any advice on how to transition a first time mom (not a toddler!) into preschool…I’ll be taking all suggestions seriously.

Photo Credit: Sadaf Murad Photo



What I’ve Been Working On….

So i’ve been awfully busy around here lately – and honestly, I can’t wait to share why.

For the last few months I’ve been consumed with most things Lettering – and I’ve been really lucky to have had a few stellar projects come my way. While it’s awesome (honestly – I’m simply honored) to be commissioned to do art for others, I have slowly been working on something for myself, too.


I’m excited to share that I’ll be launching My Baby Olive Juice SHOP in the next few weeks – while it’s not going to boast a whole lot of merchandise right away, it will host a few pieces that I have hand lettered and really loved, and they will be available for purchase. Each piece will be hand painted as it’s ordered, so I’m going to be spending some quality time on each one that I put out. I’ve also collaborated with a couple of friends to create a gold foiled glass “Good Morning” mug, which will be available in the shop as well as at The Assembly Cafe retail space in West Hollywood come April 2015!




I hope to grow this store slowly as I watch how My Baby Olive Juice evolves as a blog and brand, and hope to continue to bring you guys pretty things for a long time to come. By the way, in case I haven’t mentioned it before – I’m so grateful and so happy that you guys are here with me, sharing in my journey in Motherhood and beyond.

Mug Photo Credit: Mishina Photography . Thank you, my friend!




The Little Flower Girl


Olive was recently asked to be a flower girl in her very first wedding (her Uncle Ryan is getting married!) and we’ve been lucky enough to be able to pick out her dress! I’ve been searching and searching for the perfect little outfit for her to walk down the aisle in. Have your kids ever been in the wedding party before? Does anyone have some advice on how to get Olive successfully from Point A to Point B without her a) freaking out or b) ruining the wedding?

Here are some things about the whole ‘flower girl’ business that I’ve heard, thus far:

  1. The Flower Girl Dress is traditionally a mini version of the brides white dress, or a white dress with a sash that compliments the bridesmaid dresses. But you don’t have to follow these rules! As long as the dress matches the mood of the wedding (beach wedding, or countryside wedding) – you’re going to be okay.
  2. Make sure the dress is comfortable! Young children typically don’t hold up well if they are clothed in anything too warm or itchy – that will just make them cranky and less agreeable on your big day! Think about aesthetics, but don’t forget about comfort, too!
  3. Make them feel special! My favorite memories of being a flowergirl myself were those moments when the bride let me watch her put on makeup, or made sure that I was involved with even the little things. A happy child, is a better flowergirl!

Shop the above dresses, here: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05

Any other tips? I’m all ears.


This post was originally published on the Beth Helmstetter Blog

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Joah Love $200 Shopping Spree Giveaway! – NOW CLOSED-


You guys, I am so stoked to share this awesome giveaway with you – someone is going home with a $200 Shopping Spree on! And guess what – Joah Love has little boy clothes too! So mamas with little boys – here is a fun one for you, too!


I was introduced to Joah Love last year when I went shopping at their sample sale and met the brands founder, who is a sweet mama herself. She makes sure that all the clothes that she creates are good enough for her son – so everything is garment dyed with softener to achieve a buttery soft hand, and everything is pre-shrunk and machine washable. If you haven’t noticed by now – everything is also super cute; making a statement that fashion shouldn’t sacrifice comfort. Oh, and everything is made here in the good ol’ USA.


In terms of wear, these Montana leggings are honestly the best leggings Olive has ever owned. They are super comfy and also retain their stretch all day – which means that they still look really good after hours of play. (No saggy pants!) And that Cecile wrap cardigan is the softest thing, ever. And it’s super fashion forward, as well. Honestly, I really just want one for myself, and it seems unfair that I don’t have one in my size.

So, who wants a $200 Shopping Spree?


Here is how you enter:

Subscribe to the Blog and go to Joah Love’s Facebook Page and Like them, as well! Go to and check out their collection! Tell me which item is your favorite in the comments below!


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That’s it!

Entries close on Sunday, March 8th at 8pm PST.

Joah-Love-6This giveaway is open to US readers only! Sorry! BUT…..

Joah Love has also agreed to give ALL My Baby Olive Juice readers 25% your entire purchase indefinitely. This means, like, forever. (what!) Just use the code “babyolivejuice25%” on their website! This is open to everyone, international readers included. Happy Shopping!


Photo Credit goes to the incredible Sadaf Murad Photography. Thank you, always, my friend.

On Mama: Shirt by Equipment, Jeans by Mother, Shoes by Joie

On Olive: Clothes by Joah Love, Shoes by Cole Haan, Hair Clips by Hello Shiso 



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