Pretty Techy – And on Being An Adult

WE-ARE-ALL-KIDS-I posted this lettering piece I did on Instagram yesterday – and thought I’d make it into a wallpaper download for you guys. I’ve been so crazed lately with projects (work and personal) lately that one night I almost had a meltdown, and I was wondering when I became this… An adult with responsibilities! An adult with a child, good lord, I have a child!

For those of you out there who are Moms, do you ever catch yourself feeling this way? Sometimes I still feel like such a kid myself; how on earth am I going to impart any sort of wisdom to my offspring? Sometimes, I feel like i’m just faking my way through adulthood and motherhood, hoping no one notices I’m actually still a teenager. (Ok, maybe I don’t LOOK LIKE a teenager anymore, but that’s besides the point.)

So my conclusion? In the words of Lang Leav – maybe I’m just a kid with grown up powers.

Get the wallpaper here.



Make A Statement



I’ve been kind of in a fashion-funk lately – I’ve been gravitating towards one single color palette only, which makes getting dressed quick and easy, but sometimes you can look kind of…..drab. Luckily there is a quick solution to that, and one of my favorite ways to add some awesome detail is in a big, statement necklace. Not only do they frame your face and draw the eye line up, it adds a quick punch of color where you need it.

A few of my favorites are above – (can you just tell I have a thing for gold and blues?) Shop the looks here:

01 | 02 | 03 | 04





Introducing the Mr & Mrs Mug Set: Now Available!



Oh hey!

So, they’re up! The Mr and Mrs Mug Set is up in the shop right now, and I hope you love them as much as I do! And since it’s a new fun thing, here is 10% off your entire order until Friday night at midnight! Use code WHATADUO10 at checkout.

The Good Morning mugs are also back in stock, so those of you with pre-orders, they’ll go out this week, too!

Happy Shopping!


Home Renovation: Progress Report

So we haven’t officially broken ground yet, but our home renovation project is in full swing over here. Along with our amazing designer Melissa Hon Tsai, we have been busy budgeting, sourcing and submitting plans to the city for approval. (Oh, so many city approvals.) So while there hasn’t been actual dust flying, there sure has been some stress, already.

We’ve pretty much narrowed down most of it – we know for sure what the look and feel of our home is going to be, and we’ve purchased a lot of the raw materials already. I’m really looking forward to how it’s going to look!  I thought I’d share a few of the rooms with you here:
The-KitchenThe-BathroomFor those of you considering heading into your own house renovations, here is what I’ve learned so far:

A. You’re going to learn very quickly what your strengths and weaknesses are, especially if you’re doing this with your partner. While I’m more of a big picture person, Patrick is definitely a very, very detail oriented person. Instead of bickering over this, use these traits to your advantage – I’m the main design guy, and he’s the main math guy. Trust each other. Consult with each other, but all in all, trust each other.

B. Spreadsheets (specifically Google Documents) are your friend. Keeping track of materials purchased, materials backordered, and cost is way easier when you keep it digitally stored, and shared with your partner and designer.

C. Go Shopping. Go out and see things, touch things, get your fingers on things. You’ll be surprised that while so many things are pretty, they might not feel so great, and that will change how much you want that around you in your home.

D. Don’t fall in love with $200sq/ft tile. It does not love you back.






Shop Updates – Introducing the Mr & Mrs Mug Set

A couple of Shop updates!

We’re all sold out of our Gold Foil good morning mugs! But we’re getting more in soon, and we’re taking preorders in the shop, right here!  Sold-Out!I’m also so happy to introduce to you the newest addition to the Glass Gold Foil Mug family – the Mr & Mrs Mug set!

Mr-and-Mrs-Mug-SetWe should be getting these up in a few weeks, but they should be available for pre-order in the shop really soon! I can’t wait for you to see these – I am so happy with them!

Have a happy Friday you guys!



Totally Geeking Out: Tech for Mama


I wouldn’t really call myself super techy, but I do appreciate a gadget that tries to make my life easier. And if said gadget is also non-ugly (read: colorful and feminine) I am all into it.  These are the coolest little gadgets that I’ve discovered that I’m super keen on trying out – I might or might not have bought a few of them, already (sorry, credit card.)

One: The FluxMob Blot is kind of awesome – not only is it a wall charger for when you’re at home, but if you keep it in your purse, this handy device is also a portable charger for your device when you’re on the go. It is the smallest backup charger and wall device combined. And in that pretty color? Um, yes.

Two: These Cord Tacos are super handy for keeping your purse neat, especially if you’ve got headphones, earbuds, and USB cables floating around like I do. And made in leather, these are pretty and practical. Pretty Practical. See what I did there?

Three: This Ringly ring and accompanying app is EVERYTHING. This is a super cute cocktail ring that allows you to keep your phone in your purse, and you’ll get your phone notifications via tiny vibrations. You can control which notifications you get and from who, too. Crafted with an 18K matte gold 3 micron plated setting and precious and semi-precious stones, too. Fancy.

Four: This one is a game changer right here – The Mighty Purse is a purse and phone charger IN ONE. It is made of genuine leather and is compatible with many devices, and has a credit card pouch and coin zipper. And it comes in about a bazillion colors. I know about five people off the top of my head who need this badly. Myself included.




Have A Good Morning


I’ve never, ever been a morning person.

When you have a kid, you kind of don’t have a choice anymore – it’s the crack of dawn, every day.

When I was a little younger, I would have been able to sleep in until past noon, but now that I’m a little older, it feels like I’ve let the day go to waste if I can’t enjoy the morning, even when I get that rare chance to sleep in. Getting out of bed, however, is another issue altogether.

Here are my favorite reasons to get out of bed early…to carpe that diem!

01: Getting ready in the morning has an almost zen like experience for me – when I put on my face, it’s almost like asking myself who I want to be, today? A little winged eyeliner makes me feel a little more bossy, and a red lip gives me more confidence. My favorites products for that, here and here.

02: There is something magical about morning light. It just seems whiter, cleaner, and makes everything a little prettier. As a blogger, a lot of my photos are also taken during this time and it truly creates the most stunning images…..

03: Working out in the morning is tough. I’m not going to lie – but doing so in the morning keeps your metabolism up for the day and your body keeps burning fat. Not only that, but working out gives you a pretty pink flush in your cheeks – so you can skip the blush for the morning!

04: COFFEE. I have such a love affair with coffee – my favorite way to drink it is with a little splash of almond milk. And our gold foiled glass mug just makes it all the prettier, too.

05: I’ve recently started to become obsessed with breakfast – and even though mornings are basically one mad rush sometimes, I still manage to squeeze in some delicious oatmeal. If you make them the night before, you’re cutting down on your prep time by 20 precious minutes! Some of my favorite overnight oats recipes, right here. 

Hope you’re having a great morning, too!




Parts of this post were originally published by My Baby Olive Juice for The Beth Helmstetter Blog


Mothers Day 2015: Some Thoughts


We’re here at another Mother’s Day weekend. Can you believe it, I’m going to be celebrating my 3rd Mothers Day in a few days.

Being a Mom is tough stuff. In my almost-three-years of doing this, not one day has been identical, and every day both Olive and I are learning something new. This year as a mom has been a lot of fun, but also different kind of challenging. More and more I realize that she’s an individual with her own mind and her own preferences, and as a mom I have to learn how to respect and nurture that, while also figuring out that balance with enough rules and discipline, too. That constant juggle to be the fun mom, the cool mom, the disciplinarian mom – or i guess, just being the well-balanced mom has been a doozy for me this year.

But more than anything, being a Mom to Olive has been such a joy. I am thankful everyday that she is in my life, and thankful that she makes me strive to be a better person. It is an honor to be her mama.

Happy Mothers Day to all my mom readers out there – I wish you a day of sleeping in, fun outings, and that you are showered with love. Or just showered with more shower time. (Because there is nothing like a nice, long, uninterrupted shower, too.) And to all my mama friends (who have now, just become great girlfriends): Thank you for your companionship, your wisdom, and your camaraderie. This journey would be so much harder and lonelier without you.

Happy Mothers Day!




Photo Credit: Sadaf Murad Photo

Work Around The Web: My Baby Olive Juice for The Hive

So excited to share some work I did for The Hive Mag this week – it was a special Mother’s Day Feature and I was able to lay out some beautiful images and wish list items for some very inspirational women, including a few of my favorites, like Rebecca Minkoff and Cynthia Rowley.

Rebecca-Minkhoff-Feature-for-The-Hive Cynthia-Rowley-Feature-for-The-HiveMandana-Dayani-Feature-for-The-Hive

I love doing pieces like this – looking into the lives and hearts of other mothers out there who juggle it all.

Check out the full piece, here.